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My Story


Jessie Davis is a preacher, lover of God’s Church and builder of God’s people. For the last decade she has worked with the next generation, building ministries, raising leaders, preaching encouragement and power over the next movement of the Church. In 2010 she launched a young adult ministry with a few friends in Denver, CO that today has served thousands of young adults in the Denver Metro area and beyond. She is the author of Post Grad, Navigating Life After Graduation, and writes here weekly at 

She and her husband Jon are currently in the process of building something new to serve the next generation of believers. Check back soon for details. 


Married to Jon with two kids, Brooklyn and Georgia


Loves coffee
and everything about it


Big fan of B+ Action movies, especially

Water Sports.png

Lives for water sports and just being in the waves

Eating Out.png

Enjoys eating out with friends
over good conversation