Post Grad: Navigating Life after Graduation


After years of schooling comes that final moment with your peers: Commencement Day aka "graduation".  Here, some amazing man/woman from some amazing tech/business industry or actor/author from that awesome trilogy gets up and tells you, you can conquer the world.  Everyone high fives you, you take selfies, you update your Facebook page.  You throw that cap in the air.  It's at that same moment where you are thrust into a whole new way of traveling though.  From ordered, predictable life to life at sea.  Where anything is possible, seemingly everywhere is uncharted, and your path is now all your own.  It's in this decade of your life that you will see what you are made of, just what God can do with a humble and hungry heart, it's in this decade that you will sink... or swim. 

In Post Grad, the young adult will be given navigating principles, encouragement for their call, and bolstering for the journey.  This funny, honest, caring book will refresh and propel the reader into their biggest opportunities and help them pursue their most ambitious dream.  A must read for anyone in their 20's.



Jessie runs one of the largest and most dynamic Young Adults ministries in the country.  If there's anyone who knows what someone needs to hear after College, it's her!  This book is exactly what I wish I would have had after graduation. Post Grad is real, funny, and incredibly insightful.  This book is packed with profound, yet practical advice that can help young adults navigate through some of the most confusing, yet most pivotal parts of life. 

- Shawn Johnson, Lead Pastor, Red Rocks Church


In her first book, Post Grad: Navigating life after graduation, Jessie Davis tackles the mystery of life at the end of the college years and takes a look at where and how a person should move into furthering adulthood.  Davis takes a stroll through key issues of faith, work, relationships, and struggle with an eye towards what God has in store for students entering life after graduation, his hopes, dreams, commands, and promises.  With advice built from her own experiences as a young believer going into college, and experiences from those she has counseled as a part of her current ministry as a young adult pastor, Davis reminds readers who find themselves at life’s precarious stage that God has them in the “here working towards the there”.  With an easy read highlighting to-the-point stories, scripture, and advice, Post Grad reminds, highlights, and brings new light through a hopeful survey of this time in a person’s life that is both wonderful and overwhelming.   After seeing this transition for 32 years of college work, 20 at a Christian University, I can whole heartedly empathize with students that I have seen time and time again struggle with tackling the great adventure of life as they finish their higher education and look forward into the cloudy future.  Davis successfully pinpoints the areas that students launching into this time in their life should be aware of, pay attention to, and think through so that they can truly hear and perceive the “new thing” that the Lord is preparing to spring up (Is. 43:18, 19).  A must read for twenty something’s facing an unsure and eventful future.   

-Jim McCormick, VP of Student Life at Colorado Christian University