Where My Girls At? [Halloween Edition]

Halloween is in 3 days! I got my snickers bags on lock down, a couple pumpkins ready for my porch and my witches hat I've worn three years and counting. It's becoming a lazy tradition.

For the last month, little B (she's two.5) has been saying she wants to be a "turtle". I know right? CUTE. (This suddenly changed last week when she saw a butterfly costume, so that's what she's going as now. You get it. Attention span of a two.5 year-old. But I digress...) Jon and I searched through stores and Amazon for a tot turtle costume. What we found made my mother-heart droop. 

I found tiny legging-with-short-skirt turtle costumes. For a toddler. I found little tiny girls with their hands on their hips, one knee bent and bum jutted out to the side in a "sexy" little girl pose. I found countless little girl costumes like this. For 3 year olds. 8 year olds. When I was 8 I told my mom I wanted to be a "confused tourist". I had a tourist outfit complete with fanny pack and a giant map. I got to act like I was lost all day. It was HILARIOUS. It never crossed my mind to try to be sexy. Or that my costume was only worthy if it made men turn their heads.

And don't get me started on the adult costumes.

As a society, as a female generation, we need to decide what we are. Are we strong, female leaders, defying sex-status and ready to tackle the work place, serve Jesus with ferocity and find a seat at the table? Or are we "sex-objectifying lady bug" for Halloween? Are defying the norms, jetting through glass ceilings and making new roads for females? Or are we "sexy Harry Potter"? Are we beautiful daughters of the King, serving our friends, our spouses, our Creator? Or are we a "sexy Batwoman"?

I'm being serious.

Are we taking a stand and ending sex slavery in our lifetime?
Or are we playing sex-slave nurse this year?

I'm calling all female leaders. All worthy women of the cross. All beautiful creations of God. All precious Daughters of the King. To be OF Him is to look NOTHING LIKE THEM. The world that is trying to make you a sex object. A symbol of objectification. A toy.

To be found in Jesus is to look completely different from the world. To be beautiful means to clothe yourself in strength and dignity. To be a "catch" in the Kingdom means to have a valiant heart, a GOOD heart, a STRONG heart a DIGNIFIED heart.  

We clothe ourselves in strength and dignity. 

This Halloween show the world what you're made of. What gorgeous really looks like. What beauty STAND FOR. What grace looks like. That you can be GLORIOUS as confused traveler. That Jesus lives in you and makes you WORTHY. 

Praying for the ladies this Halloween. Do it up BIG. In Strength and Dignity.


Jessica DavisComment