Where Pessimism Goes To Die

I love Jesus. I love the fullness of Jesus and His face. I love his embrace. The way I feel in prayer when I'm near Him. He is the embodiment of hope and I know it the moment I look up from my day and look TO Him. He is all things bright. Good. Beautiful.

Which is why in Christ our pessimism goes to die.

There is no room for skepticism. There is no place for fatalism. Because there is nothing but fullness of HOPE. In Christ, we can be optimists without understanding always why. 

And we need optimism now more than ever.

This means that you can look at the world - the dark parts of the world, the difficult parts of the world, the frustrating parts, the hateful parts, and it doesn't have to SHAKE YOU. Jesus is bigger. Bolder. Brighter. In this world, we will have trouble, but pessimism doesn't have to win out.

We have overcome the world.

Pray with hope, faith and OPTIMISM today. And watch Jesus work miracles out of our beautiful belief.


Jessica DavisComment