Favor and Favorites

I have often felt as though I am the Lord's favorite child.

Arrogant, I know.

But in my defense, I have loads of friends that would say the same. My friend Doug, who teaches with me at Red Rocks Young Adults, has told me he feels he is God's favorite. (I laugh internally at this we all know who God's favorite is, I think but you go ahead and be delusional.) My pastor and mentor Chad Bruegman gave an entire staff chapel at one point about believing he is the favorite child, and that believing so is the key to the heart of God.

He's not wrong.

Grace, after all is unmerited and undeserved FAVOR. To be found favorable for no other reason than the Son of God having grace on your fallen heart on Calvary. To be found honorable, likable, lovable, favored. To be a FAVORITE.

This feeling of being the favorite child, it's scripturally bound to the idea that God loves each of us individually, uniquely. As Lisa Bevere said, "God does not love his children equally, he loves them uniquely." Praise God for that. This means that God loves you intimately, knowing your personal favorite ways to be loved. He knows the language to use with you - if you are better with tough talk or tender tones, he knows how to please you, he knows how to minister to your heart. Because you are his FAVORITE. 

May you feel God's overwhelming and deeply personal FAVOR on you today. May you take a moment to recognize his eyes are completely capable of "only having eyes for you". He's God, after all. Omnipotent, almighty and full of enough Godness to love each of us as "favorite" children.

Favor on you, friend.

Jessica DavisComment