Only in Quiet

Solitude seems outdated.

Quiet seems out of reach for most of us. In a world of push notifications, news feeds, media buzz and holiday hurry, it's difficult to imagine slowing down. When we think solitude, or quiet, or "alone" with God we think monks, priests, or sages living in secluded mountain retreats - spending hours in prayer. Maybe that's why its so hard to imagine solitude for us. It's so far from our atmosphere, so out of reach in our reality.

But if we claim to follow Jesus, then we follow him into solitude. 

But Jesus often withdrew to lonely places and prayed. 

Scripture says that Jesus would get alone, in the quiet, in the lonely, in the desolate - away from public eye - and pray. He did this, apparently - "often". 

The man who needed no other perfection seemed to need these times alone. The man who was diety and glory incarnate needed time with the Father, with the Spirit - ON THE REGULAR. 

I imagine this was the time where Jesus regained strength. I imagine this is where he heard the voice of his Father. It was comfort. Peace. Hope. Focus. If Jesus needed it, certainly we do too. For comfort. Peace. Hope. FOCUS. 

May you find your focus today in the solitude with Jesus.

Jessica DavisComment