Sailing, Sea Ships & The Power of Words

There is nothing more powerful within our human body than the tongue.

Your biceps, feet, even your fist can’t do what the mouth can do. The book of James tells us that although the tongue is small, it makes GREAT BOASTS. (Sounds like a tongue I suppose…) James then goes on to compare the tongue to the rudder of a ship. Though the rudder is small, in unequivocally is the instrument that determines the direction of the ship.

I will say that again (more for me than for you):

It is the instrument that determines the direction of the ship.

In this last season God has been dealing with me about my mouth. It has been a rude lesson, tough and brutal. There have been many battles I have lost, and many opportunities I have missed, and I believe it has been because I did not tame my tongue in good time. I have been faced with the question - where would I like my life to go? And based on that - what would have have my mouth say that aids that future? I have much left to learn, but here are some quick tip bits:

  • Always Speak Unity:

Unity takes effort and the recognition of the Spirit. Gossip and slander is tricky, sly, covert, and comes in the back door. It starts with “how are you” and can dissolve into speaking disunity over your friendships, family, church, staff or company quickly. God wants you to speak always blessing and always life over your extended relationships. James writes that you simply CANNOT bless God and curse people with the same mouth. It shows a division within your soul. Where one statement is false. To love God is to love his people. To love his people is to speak kindly to and about them. To bless God means to bless people. EVERY SINGLE DAY.

  • Speak God’s Promises (And Let Your Emotions Catch Up)

Have you ever had a season where the promises of God seem far off? Maybe even non-existant? You want to believe God has a plan for your life but just don’t feel it. Feelings are followers, not leaders. Your mouth should consistently and constantly be speaking God’s reality over your life: that he has a plan, that his ways are right, that his hand is on you, that his Spirit lives in you. These truths need to become OUR TRUTHS. Your feelings will follow suit, and let me just say from experience, when you choose faith first, and your feelings follow you into the promise - this is life and life abundant.

  • Avoid Cursing:

Unwholesome talk comes from your heart. If you are able to tame these words before they come out, it’s like a small exercise in reconfiguring your mouth back to the goodness, sweetness, and righteousness of Jesus. A good man, the bible writes, speaks from the good treasure stored in his heart and brings forth good words. Taming your tongue with unwholesome language will quickly right your ship, redirect your heart towards (good) Godly things and make way for you to be sanctified into a “good” man/woman.

  • Not Everything is For Everyone

When an angel comes to visit Mary, and tell her that she was to carry, deliver and raise the Son of living God, Luke records that she “treasured these things and pondered them in her heart.” When God speaks to you, its sometimes just for you. When you share it to quickly, and with the wrong people, it can lose momentum, power, and heart. In other words: what God says to YOU is not for EVERYONE. And at times, not speaking, and simply treasuring what God has said is the most incredible move you can make for your future.

May your words be measured, and your ships sail forward this week!

Jessica DavisComment