By The Spirit - PEACE

Day three and feeling free! Today we are looking at the fruit of the Spirit PEACE.

Peace. Man do we need peace.

Spend 5 minutes watching your 24-hour news broadcast and you will know we need peace today now more than ever. But not just nationally, not just politically, or racially, we need peace in our churches, peace in our homes,

Peace in hebrew is (again, girls, this is a trend,) the feminine noun eirene’. That has a variety of meanings. 1.) Eirene’ is a national peace or tranquility that exempts from war or havoc - to which Americans say “AAAMEEEEN.” 2.) Eirene is a safety and security that leads to PROSPERITY and FORWARD MOTION. 3.) Eirene’ means “to set as one again”.

Wow. To set as ONE again. Security that leads to PROSPERITY.

Here’s what I believe is the coolest part about peace. Peace was almost over spoken over someone in the Old Testament as they were going somewhere. When we think of peace, we think of passivity. Sitting on a dock. Carefree. Staring at the ocean. But “peace” in the Hebrew dialect was almost always spoken over someone ON A JOURNEY.

You see friends. Peace is not for the passive. Peace is for the pioneers.

When Hebrews would pray peace over someone, it would be as they set out on a voyage.
”Depart in peace,” they would say.
”Go in peace,”
”Go the way of peace,”
”Follow the way of peace,”

The good (read GREAT) news: that God wants you to journey. That God wants you to tackle new mountains. That God wants you to voyage. God wants us to move into prosperity. And he wants to give you peace AS YOU GO. What a good, gracious Father. This peace is something that happens in our soul, through the Holy Spirit.

Peace comes to us on the journey, when we do two things:

  1. We are at peace with God (submitted to God).

  2. We are at peace with people (as much as it depends on us).

If there is a lack of peace, it simply means that we need to return again to the covering of God, OR make peace with people. Maybe God has asked you to ditch a boyfriends, or follow him into a new profession, maybe he has asked you to abandon a friendship or serve your neighbor more. If you are suffering from a lack of peace, its because you need to simply say “not my way, God, but your way.”

If you there is a lack of peace with people, try one of two things: serve them, or apologize to them.

God wants to cover you completely with peace, safety, and serenity as you move into your calling. He wants to stabilize your head and heart as you run your race with Jesus. Our role is to come under that covering, and be godly towards others as God has been so richly kind to us.

As you go, today may you go the way of peace.


Scripture Reading:

  • Colossians 3:15

  • Proverbs 16:7

  • Romans 12:18

Jessica DavisComment