Don’t Block the Blessing

Feeling stuck? Maybe that your life and the blessings you are hoping for are stopped up? I meet people all of the time who aren’t receiving the newand refreshing revelation of Jesus. We aren’t learning anything new about him. We aren’t receiving fresh wind from him.

Our circumstances fall short of our expectations, our hurdles don’t seem to shift with our prayers. We just feel STUCK. Stuck in old habits. Stuck in old ways. Stuck in old thought patterns. STUCK. Like a car in deep mud. The harder we push the gas the deeper the back-tire sinks.

Proverbs 11:25 A generous person will prosper; whoever refreshes others will be refreshed.

There is an actual flow to our spiritual life. Like water into a siphon, God dumps storehouses of himself into us, and we are to funnel it appropriately. Water that doesn’t move becomes stagnant. Gathers bacteria. Becomes stale and begins to stink. Like a shallow pond with lots of moss, that’s what our spiritual life is like when we lost the flow.

What God brings in, must be poured out. What God gives, must be lent away. If he bestows power, strength, gifting, honor, those things have to be used.When we pour out, God dumps back in. 

In other words, we block blessing from God when we horde blessing from God.

We block blessing when we assume the bounty is ours.

We block blessing when we block the flow of blessing.

Don’t BLOCK the blessing. Find the flow today. Unclog your heart. Live for others. Find joy in the kingdom. Give flowers to a friend. Ask a homeless woman her name. But for God’s sake (and for yours) don’t stop once you are blessed. People who pour out will be indisputably poured into. And I promise you, you can’t out give God.

Here’s to a week of fun, flow, and FAVOR.


Jessica DavisComment