Head Strong – Devotional

Hello believer! 

We think over 50,000 thoughts a day.

That’s nearly 2,100 thoughts an hour.

And 35 thoughts a minute. 

Some of these thoughts are strong
and some… are, well, snack related.

Some are sad.

Some we wish we didn’t have at all.

Out of all the things we need to be for our world, for our livelihood for our Jesus, we need to be STRONG. More particularly, we need to be HEAD STRONG. Every ounce of spiritual growth, every battle in our lives, and every new glory is formed first in our minds. 

Our old life is rid of us in our minds. 

Our new life is regenerated in our minds. 

We will embed God’s promises and truths in our mind. 

We will rid ourselves of the enemies lies and curses and plant the identity of Christ… in the soft ground of our minds. 

And… Our minds are different than our brains. Our brains are hardware – dendrites and axons, brain cells and gray matter. Our minds, however, involve our will… and tell the hardware of our brains what to do. In our minds, we decide what we will believe. In our minds, we choose life or death. Deuteronomy 30:19 says “This day I call the heavens and the earth as witnesses against you that I have set before you life and death, blessings and curses. Now choose life, so that you and your children may live.”Choose life. 

In our minds, daily, hourly, we can choose life. We can choose words that give life, we can choose truths the breed life. According to Deuteronomy, there are actually paths set before us. A path of blessing. A path of curses. Life and death.

And, according to Deuteronomy, we get to choosewhich path we walk in.

It’s my belief that the most powerful lives mustbegin with the strongest heads. God needs people who are bull-headed, stubborn minded, HEAD STRONG. People whose minds are all made up. Minds are set on him. Fixated on the truth. Immovable in belief. 

As Mahamad Ali said “It always comes down to mind games. Whoever is more mentally strong-wins.”    

For the next few days we will look at becoming more and more STRONG in our minds. As we mentally grow we will trust that God will deepen us, strengthen us, and that our souls will refresh as our minds renew.

Here’s to you, my head-strong friend,