HEAD STRONG - Rest For Your Mind

In the last 2 months I have come to value the discipline of REST.

And friend, in 2019, rest IS A DISCIPLINE.

We have Amazon Prime, and instant notifications, the ability to email WHILE WE ARE IN THE AIR flying, calendar reminders, constant stimulus from screens at EVERY LOCATION (work, home, restaurants, church), there is LITERALLY no time in our typical American life where we are quiet.

And we feel it don’t we?

I told a friend last summer that my brain felt “bee-hive”. Lots of commotion. Little rest.

In order to have and BE all God is asking of us, we HAVE to figure out our spiritual discipline of SABBATH.

And by Sabbath I mean:

  • Turn off the cell phone

  • Unplug the tv

  • Forget the email

  • Leave your work for another day

But also:

  • Reset your mind to scripture

  • Focus on what is TRUE (Jesus)

  • Focus on what is CORRECT about YOU (identity)

  • Let your mind heal from stress.

Sabbath was a command in scripture PRE-FALL. Before sin. Before things got wacky in the garden, God directed His people to REST.

Dr. Caroline Leaf says “one way of managing your life, is managing your MIND”. Part of this stewardship is recognizing your need for rest, accepting the fact that your brain has limits, and turning off. This is truly a mature quality, where we trust that God is strong enough to run the world for one day without us.

Prayer: God I’m giving you _____________(pick a day of the week… for most folks its Sunday, if you are in ministry, it will be a different day - no worries, just make sure you GET A DAY.) I’m giving you my heart on this day, and my mind on this day. I will set my sights on you, and let the “busyness” of the world fall into my rearview. I’m trusting that on my Sabbath you will restore me, revive me, rename me and rekindle me. Thank you God! In Jesus name, AMEN!

Jessica DavisComment