Years ago I had a breakthrough in my life, my soul, and my heart.

Jon and I had been dating for 8 months when he broke up with me. Additionally, I had lost my job at a Christian television network, my dreams of leading a ministry seemed to be in the backseat and I was dealing with intense anxiety. I had never had a panic attack before, but that summer, in my bathroom I remembered my roommate rushing in because I thought I was going to pass out or die. In tears and complete fear I begged for her to help me. I felt underwater, afraid.

I began counseling that summer with a network that specialized in identity in Christ counseling.

It utterly changed my life.

I had lives the first 25 years of my life relying on my abilities, strength, tenacity and skills. The bible calls this self-effort our flesh - it’s everything we are APART from Jesus. Most of us plunge head-first into our walk with Jesus still relying on our fleshly selves, just with a new set of directives. Instead of being a party girl we will try to be kind, tithe at church, not cuss and find time to volunteer. The problem is, we need complete internal renewal and a new life-source for our lives.

It was that summer that I realized the power of my identity in Jesus.

Apart from Christ we are nothing, can do nothing, and are cut off from “life-abundant”.

In Jesus, we can have life, and life to the full. We can have his authority and Spirit, his joy and peace. We have everything we need because of the cross. In Christ we have LITERALLY everything.

If we are going to be head strong then we must, must, must reconcile who we are in Christ.

Today, release yourself from “yourself”.
Give up your self-effort,
your self-reliance,
your self-promotion,
your self-sustaining power.
Just give it to God.

Then, take up who you are in Jesus. Here’s a great proclamation:

I am wholly and dearly loved! Empowered by the Spirit for LIFE and GODLINESS. I am a friend of God, a child of the king, chosen, blessed and gifted. He that lives in me is stronger than he that lives in the world! I have deep joy, peace, kindness and forbearance in Him. Today I can live fully and powerfully because the Spirit that raised my savior out of the grave lives in me. I’m victorious in all things, I can do all things, I have peace in all things because of my sweet Jesus. Thank you God for all you are doing in my mind today to make me like Christ. In Jesus name, Amen.

Jessica DavisComment