HEAD STRONG - Seen At Every Stage

When I was 20 years old I tried out for the fall play at my Christian University. My goal: to play Job’s wife in the theatrical version of the book of Job. I eagerly waited for roles to be posted on the theater department’s door. When I got there I found my name at the bottom it read:

“Jessie Hills” (my maiden name y’all,) it read:


I had two lines in the show: ”Hello” and “That’s Horrible!” So much for the lead female. Ha. I still laugh about it writing a decade later.

Sometimes in life we don’t get the role we wanted. The title we wanted. The opportunity we wanted. And what’s REALLY happening in those moments is we don’t feel seen. We don’t feel validated. We don’t feel heard. We don’t feel known and loved.

Validation and being SEEN is a must if we are to be HEADSTRONG. We can’t be head strong if we don’t feel loved. If we don’t feel like we matter. Being headstrong means having a FIRM understanding of our value to God.

In Genesis 16:13, Hagar, a woman who never got the title she wanted, who was mistreated and abused, spoken ill of and never regarded with honor receives a word from an angel. The angel says a promise to her, and then departs. She responds that she has seen the God who sees her. And gives God the name of El Roi. The God who sees us.

Wherever you are today, on a stage or in an unseen season - GOD sees you. GOD knows your heart. GOD sees your worth!

Jessica DavisComment