I’ve got a mouth on me.

I’m sure you do too. My 5 year old, I’m starting to discover, has a sassy mouth of her own.

Such a small part of us, our mouths. And yet the bible says it boasts great things. Nothing is more directive or indicative of our futures than our mouths and the words we speak.

Proverbs 18:21 says that the mouth holds the power of LIFE AND DEATH.

The bible isn’t been melodramatic here. Our mouths lead us down paths of life, or paths of death, depending on the words we say.

Take five minutes and think about your words you used this morning:

  1. Were you encouraging to your spouse/kids/roommate this morning? Were you critical?

  2. When you spilled coffee on yourself did you laugh and shrug it off? Did you get unreasonably angry “this ALWAYS happens to me!”?

  3. When a friend spoke ill about another person did you join in the gossip (I mean how could you RESIST??)? Did you speak a kind word about the person in question?

Every second, every minute, every moment of our lives we have to choose our words. Speak life over yourself today, and see what God does with those life-giving words!

Jessica DavisComment