What We're Learning in 2019

What up my peeps. I’ve ran into so many of you over the last 6 months. At the store, at restaurants, and while most people reading this will say “LOOK, I could care less about a life update," some of you may, in fact want to hear a bit about our world.

This little ditty is for you.

For those of you who know Jon and I, you know that we resigned from Red Rocks Church in January of this year. After 14 years of watching a little church grow, 10 years of being on staff, 8 years of young adult ministry (and a partridge in a pear tree) we said “see you guys soon” to a wonderful, (read INCREDIBLE) season of our lives. I have deep respect for our pastors and friends there. I have gratitude in my heart to God that I got to be a part of something very, very special.

Since we left, we came on staff at Cherry Hills Community Church. We came on as Church Planting Residents, and since then have joined their staff until we plant our (read Jesus’) church next year (hold tight on this, I PROMISE we will divulge more in a few short months).

So those are some logistics of our lives.

But I kinda wanted to share with you the vibe of our life right now.

In the last seven months, I have had a rush and a renewal of my walk with Jesus. The overwhelming PEACE I have come to know in this last season is unreal, lasting, true. Our family has had SO MUCH FUN. God has been present. Cherry Hills has been gracious. Our friends have been rocks. Jesus (shameless brag) has been like no other in this season.

But, some habits die hard, and I learn best about God when I SHARE about God, so I thought I would share a few things he is teaching me in 2019.

1. Presence over Promise.

Right now, the big talk at church and in books is the “promise” of God, the blessing of God, the destiny of our lives, the calling, the hand of God touching and leading us into our “best life”. And I believe, in Christ, we have LIFE AND LIFE TO THE FULLLLLLL(est).


This season I’ve learned to long for his presence and take in his presence, know his presence and feel his presence. I’ve seen visions, heard words, been led by his hand, and seen miracles. And guys. The presence trumps the promise (sorry to steal your verbiage, Chad B) every. single. time.

You can’t get peace from obtaining from God.
You get peace from communing WITH GOD.

You can’t get peace by receiving the promise land.
You get peace from his presence.

And peace, I’m coming to find, is rare. I have a joy now that I have NEVER known, a peace, a simplicity in my walk with Jesus, a KNOWING, a hope. And it’s all about him. Jesus + nothing = everything.

2. Seasons of Anonymity Are A Rare Gift.

One of my favorite books that I read just out of college was called Anonymous by Alicia Britt Chole, {side note: you should read EVERYTHING by Alicia Britt Chole that you can. She has a wonderful walk with God, and even still her remarks about being CLOSE to Jesus make me stan.} But back to Anonymous: I remembered being lit up with revelation of a season of working in the unknown and unseen. It was an unwelcome season, for me. I grinned and bared it, begrudgingly until I was able to do work “I was really called to do,”.

This season though, in my 30’s, of working in obscurity has been nothing short of a GIFT. Currently, I work with 2nd-4th graders at Cherry Hills. I teach them about Jesus, form games and small group curriculum, I put together videos and dance for them. I’m basically a stand up comic and magician that tries to trick the kids into learning about God. And I REALLY, REALLY love it. I love my team, and our crazy 4th graders. I love the staff I work with, and the the simplicity of “serving the house” where you are asked and where you can.

This is why I got into ministry in the beginning anyway. I just love God. I want to serve him. I want to love his people.

I don’t preach as often as 7 months ago. And if I’m being honest, I don’t care.

While I miss preaching, (don’t get me wrong, I have some sermons PENT UP IN THIS MOTHER) the JOY of just serving and loving people and BEING loved is too great to compare. The best things with Jesus aren’t instagram-worthy, and I think he likes it that way.

3. Seasons Matter.

In ministry, I think sometimes we pastors think that we hit the gas, and go 500 miles an hour, and we don’t stop for directions, haters, or cross roads that take too DANG long. Maybe its not just pastors that are this way.

Seasons of a shift in gears, seasons of a shift in title, I viewed as a no-no. If your life isn’t UP and TO THE RIGHT on a graph, then YOU’RE DOING IT WRONG. Whether society or church-culture taught me this, I don’t know, but I had it wrong. Life is seasons.

A famous pastor I look up to retired early this year (just from pastoring not from working), and his comments about shifting his role (he’s decided to serve the poor full-time) blew me away, and RESONATED. We aren’t MACHINES. We’re humans. Designed for seasons.

This season is a quieter one for me. The spiritual grass is lush. The manna is yummy. The view is pretty. My heart is full. So, while I know this season is not forever, I won’t rue it. And I DEFINITELY won’t not be faithful and praise God IN IT.

Seasons matter. You won’t ALWAYS be single. Slow down. Enjoy it. You won’t ALWAYS be living pay-check to paycheck. Slow down, enjoy the ramen meals and your laughter about it. You won’t ALWAYS have tiny children. Slow down, savor it. You won’t ALWAYS be 20 and completely confused about your life. Slow down and enjoy it.

It’s just a season. And good, or bad, that season will close to usher another.

As for me, I am LOVING our season. Loving my church, my family, my friends. I’m finding God in prayer, in miracles, in healings, in scripture, in quiet, in anonymous.

It’s just a season. I’m not letting it go too soon.

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