Assignments vs. Callings

When I was 21 years old I sat in a university chapel and heard Jesus for the first time. It was unlike every time he would speak to me since then. He was calling me into ministry.

Life effectually would never be the same.

It was a day of CALLING.

Since that day, Jesus has given me other leadings, still small moments through His Spirit. Where His presence breaks through into my heart. He LOVES me, is normally what he says. He also loves CO-LABORING with me. Since that day I have served Him in my call.

The assignments, however, have varied.

I have mentored young women, led campus chapels. I have written my own bible studies for a season. I’ve been an admin for a growing church. I’ve led a young adult ministry. I’ve cleaned toilets, changed diapers. I’ve put together skits for 2nd graders to know Jesus. I’ve written hundreds of sermons. Thousands of blogs. I’ve nurtured babies, parented toddlers. I’ve baptized new believers, and taught new believers courses. I’ve preached to thousands. I’ve preached to 10. I’ve

The assignments CHANGE, friend. As magnificently multifaceted as our God is, so are the things he asks us to do. The assignments are many:

Moses was a Hebrew boy.
An Egyptian royal.
A shepherd.
A wanderer.
A leader.
A mentor.

But Moses’ CALL never changed. He was a vindicator of the Hebrew people from the day he set foot in the Egyptian palace as a toddler.

Assignments CHANGE.
Callings… CAN’T.

Which leads me to YOU, friend. It is anticipated that for the average millennial they will change “assignments” (aka positions, jobs etc) THIRTY TIMES in their lifetime, outpacing their predecessors by 4-5 times in the amount of change. And a generation is in reflux because they are looking at the ASSIGNMENT to define them.

The identity is wrapped in a barista job.
Or in the bartending gig.
Or in the nursing job that they dislike.
Or the business they now own.

And when the ASSIGNMENT changes, which it most certainly will, they feel lost. WE FEEL LOST.

Because we confuse CALLING and ASSIGNMENT.

A calling, though, is locked in the heart like a weighted stone that feels JUST RIGHT. We know deep down we were meant to be a part of the great commission. The cause of Christ. The dream of God. We are CALLED out of the darkness, into the light, to bring praise to the God who did so. It’s a CALL. And it never fades, but only gets more luminous with age.

Marry your call today. Steward the assignment. And may every assignment give GLORY to the one who called you.


Jessica DavisComment