Waiting in The Wings

One of God's favorite names for Himself in the bible is "Elohim". It means "God", simply. In a world that is waring within itself to discover who or what is top dog, and whom or what has top authority, God lays claim to it here with His name. Elohim comes from the root Hebrew word "strength" or "power". In Genesis it is out of the power of God that the world was created, and by His power that it moved and turned and spun around the sun. When the storms are calmed in the Bible, it is by the power of God - Elohim.

Have you ever caught yourself trying to be Elohim in your life?

If the storms are going to calm - if the world is going to slow down - it's up to you. You try to exercise power over your world.

The other day my 1 1/2 year old was climbing on a larger step stool we have in the kitchen. She is a climber at heart, a monkey of sorts, constantly trying to crawl up, over and on top of objects. Most of the time I let her go for it. She's a toddler after all, and toddlers should adventure.

When she gets on the step stool though, I stay close. It's tall, and larger than most the things she scales. I wait close by. Not interfering but waiting... just in case.

The other day she climbed and got to the top step, threw her leg over the railing at the top, and attempted to sit up there. Immediately her weight shifted and she started to slip. "Hep! Hep!" She cried, (which is toddler speak for "HELP! Ma!") I swooped in and grabbed her, kissed her and set her back up to adventure some more.

It dawned on me in that moment that this is Jesus in our lives. Ever patient, and ever delighting in our adventuring, but fully aware that we aren't Elohim, and the authority and strength is not our own. He watches us play, watches us live our lives, smiles as we climb,

Just waiting in the wings.

A moment may come where we try to scale an obstacle in our own strength, or calm a storm in our power. It suddenly dawns on us, "the waters are too high. We need help." And we cry out. How comforting that the moment we call on the Lord he responds. Never pushy in His moves to aid us, the Holy Spirit ONLY goes where He is invited - and brings calm. Peace. Strength. Victory.

Today may you be wise enough to call out when you are in need, to admit surrender when the climb is too high, to reach for the TRUE Elohim when your strength gives way.

He's ALWAYS waiting in the wings. 

Jessica DavisComment