What Does God Dream About?

I'm a dreamer at heart. I have been since the 2nd grade when I decided I wanted to either write screen plays for movies, or act in them, or both. A product of the 80's, I believed and still believe that anything is possible for those who dream.

Have you ever thought about what God dreams about? Like, what keeps him up at night? What his mind wanders to, what preoccupies his thoughts? A few years ago I started to wonder about this question. What does God think about? What, if anything does he desire? 

In studying scripture, and found one passage that has changed the way I do life:

"(God)... who desires all people to be saved and to come to the knowledge of the truth." - 1 Timothy 2:4  

This is what God dreams about. This is what captures his attention - his people being saved, his people knowing truth. God dreams about his people.

God cares so much for our wounds, hopes, dreams and fears. And I believe that he looks on earth for people who decide that they will care about his dreams too.

Today as you grind your 9-5, begin to allow God's love and desire for his people well up within you. Instead of spending the majority of your time thinking about your dreams, goals and ambitions, allow Jesus to fill you up with his. And may these thoughts and heart rhythms dictate the way you love, the way you prioritize and how you work your gifting. 

May you do it all for his glory. May you do it all for the sake of his dreams.

Jessica DavisComment