How To Gain Vision

To be honest, this last season of ministry has been smaller in faith and vision for me. It could be that I’m one month out from having a kid, and so my faith muscles have relaxed as I’ve been trying to order our home and find joy in the last few weeks of just the “three” of us as a family.

But to be honest, I love vision.

I love what it does to my insides. My mind becomes clearer. My focus sharper. Priorities seem to order themselves. Suddenly I know exactly how to spend my time and my energy.

The difficult thing here, though, is I don’t just conjure up vision. I wish I could. Sit down and say “now brain, do some visioneering.” And *poof * I see the next year of ministry and family and drive boiled down to 3 bullet points. But no. Vision for me has always come out of persistent, focused, and sometimes lengthy periods of seeking God’s will.

The bible says that where there is no vision people perish. Another translation says they cast of restraint – meaning they lose self-control and focus. Both of these outcomes (perishing and losing self-control) sound really terrible to me. And so, the alternative is what I will always choose.

Here are a few thoughts on seeking Jesus for vision for your life:

1.)  Divert your eyes from your feelings to his promises:

The biggest liar in your life (besides Lucifer himself… side note… did you know there is a TV show called LUCIFER? What in God’s name are they thinking? Best of luck to all of them, as for me, I will never ever ever ever ever watch that show. Amen.), or the most consistent I will say, is your FEELINGS.

You feel sad today? Lost? Maybe you feel weary. Frustrated maybe? Well know this – your emotions do a great job of trying to hijack your faith. So today tell your feelings that they are co-pilots at BEST (not pilots), and that normally they just get to come along for the ride.

Then focus on God’s promises for you.

2.)  Be persistent in prayer:

Recently, a story that has directed my prayer life in the bible is the parable of the annoying friend in Luke 11. You can go there yourself, but in essence, it’s a story about two friends. One comes to the other at midnight to request a favor – food, namely. The friend in need begs and pleads and it truly just a PEST until his buddy comes and answers the door and gives him what he needs. Jesus says this is how we are to pray. Persistently. 

So go to Jesus today and ask him for vision. And, if need be, get annoying about it.

3.)  Don’t stop until He answers:

For me, big vision has always come out of long stretches of prayer. Sometimes there is fasting. Sometimes not. But always, it’s almost as if God enjoys me seeking Him so much, he waits until the last possible moment to give me the vision.

When you ask for vision today. Don’t stop. Not tomorrow. Not the next day. Until you hear from him and know His heart for your life and for the people He’s given you to steward.