Desperation vs. Declaration (What's Your Prayer Posture?)

Growing up I had terrible posture. My shoulders would naturally slump forward and when I sat at a desk I would kinda lean or droop over it. Sitting "properly" in my view was a waste of time for kids who attended etiquette class, and really... who wants to be that proper??

As I am maturing though, good posture is becoming important to me. The way I carry myself and posture myself says something to the world about me. It projects my inner strength outwardly. It gives my muscles something to do. It focuses my body to the task at hand.

Prayer life, in a way, is this way.

Your posture in prayer matters.

For a large number of us, when we come to prayer, we come in a posture of desperation. We approach God hastily in times of need. "God, please change this circumstance." "God I am feeling so overwhelmed." "God this scenario has ruined a relationship." "God I feel defeated." "God these finances aren't working out." "God HELP."  

Our posture is not one of confidence. It's one of frantic, already defeated energy. We come slump shouldered, sad, needy, victimized, and hopeless. Like the disciples on the boat in the sea go Galilee, as the storm swells we looked panicked towards a present but possibly sleeping God: "Jesus!" we cry frantically, "don't you CARE???" 

Our Christ is so good, he loves that we come to Him, no matter the posture. "Come to me, all ye who are weary and heavy laden..." He says. But like the disciples in the boat, our prayer posture may be one of desperation, lack of faith, fear, distrust. 

Instead, I would propose that the mature Christian, as we grow and be formed into His likeness has a prayer posture that is less a cry of desperation, and more a declarative proclamation. 

That our prayers become move from weak-spirited, pleas with Jesus to change us, change the screen, change the reality to a strong, focused, faith filled mouth of declaration. Our posture changes, from a slumped, downward looking and pitied thing, to an upwardly focused, intentioned and hope-filled stance.

Like the Psalmist prays - chest puffed out, eyes fixed upward, stance strong and posture assured: "I lift my eyes up to the mountains - where does my help come from? It comes from YOU, the MAKER of HEAVEN."

Today, as you approach Jesus, do it with a valiant posture. Strong. Chin skyward. Faith-filled. And like your posture in life, your faith muscles will grow. Your inward strength will grow and will project outwardly. May your prayer posture today be STRONG.

Jessica DavisComment