So You Want To Change The World?

Yesterday I had the opportunity to be on Colorado Christian University's campus for a church and opportunities fair. The place was teeming with freshmen students, bustling around the booths to meet churches, ministries, other students. The thing I love about my generation of believers is we literally believe anything is possible. Far from what some folks would judge about the millennials, (that we are lazy, self-absorbed, ill-fitted for the 'real world',) I believe this generation may be the most entrepreneurial, idealistic, focused, and service-oritientied posse to have graced the earth yet. 

Our energy is infectious. Our plans are passionate.
We are pursuing our dreams.
We want to change the world.

Three years ago, though, my personal desire to change the world, with my personalized plan with which to change it came to a screeching halt. I realized deeply and earnestly that my dreams weren't enough. My plans weren't incredible enough and ingenious enough to do it. I may want to change the world, but my ideas and dreams for how to do it fall flat. They are, like me, riddled with fallenness. 

And that's when I realized, God wants to change the world too.

More than you do. More than I do. He is relentless about changing it. And He has a perfect plan. The way He intends to do it is through His people, by His Son, and for the Lost. God wants to change the world by taking broken people, redeeming them, and then sending them out to find more broken people. This plan repeats, as God "desires all men to be saved". 

God has a plan, it includes us, and according to scripture: the gates of Hell can't stop it.

A few years ago I heard a story about the founder of Apple, Steve Jobs. Apparently, during the early years of Apple, Jobs was looking for a man to fill a pertinent role in his company. He found the man he wanted, the president of Pepsi-Cola, John Sculley. Pursuing him in his office, Jobs relentlessly tried to lure Sculley to join the Apple team. Jobs, sure of his plans to grow Apple, and resolute of what the company would become in the next few decades, he asked Sculley pointedly:

"Do you want to sell sugar water for the rest of your life? Or do you want to come with me and change the world?"  

According to legend Sculley left Pepsi soon after, and joined Apple for the next decade to see it grow into the powerhouse of innovation and technology that it is today.

I love this story. I love this story because this is what God says to you and I. Sure you have a job. Sure you have your plans. Sure life is good. Afterall, you're making your life's version of sugar water. Not a bad gig.

But I believe God comes to us and asks us pointedly:

"Do you want to follow your plans for the rest of your life? Or do you want to come with me and change the world?"

See, God already has a plan to change the world. He doesn't need ours. What he would love, though, is for us to join him in his operation. For us to bend our lives around his plan. For us to bend our wills around his. For us to look at our jobs, schedules, calendars and priorities and say: "You got it, how can I bend my life into your plan, Jesus?"

May this be your simple prayer today: "Jesus, I desire wholeheartedly to change the world. But I know your ways are above my ways, your thoughts above my thoughts. I realize fully that I may make my plans, but it's you Jesus that directs my steps. Show me more fully what your plan is and how I can bend my life around your desires. In Jesus name. And so it is.


Jessica DavisComment